April 05, 2021 2 min read

We are often asked, "What is power-inequality trauma?"

Power-inequality trauma is trauma inflicted on a victim whose perpetrator holds physical, emotional, or spiritual power over the victim and whose goal is to inflict harm.  Our nonprofit focuses specifically on trauma experienced by students in college who have been sexually assaulted, sexually harassed or stalked while trying to attain their college degree.

Most of the students we support, through proceeds of our jewelry, experience the worst kinds of betrayal and harm.  They have been assaulted by family members, teachers, spiritual leaders and partners; the very people with whom they trusted, and yet whose intentions were deceptive, calculated, and targeted to their victims.  We help pay tuition to students who are forced to retake classes because they had to transfer schools.  We help pay for housing for students who have been forced into shelters.  We help pay for meals for students who have lost their jobs due to the symptoms of PTSD.  We have helped students who have lost their scholarships, teaching assistant stipends, and lab assistant jobs.  We have helped first-time college students whose parents have been traumatized to learn that their child was sexually assaulted at school soon after rejoicing over their college acceptance. 

For those that support Kamaria Jewelry, and our nonprofit, Restore Dignity, we want to sincerely thank you.  Although we work directly with mental health counselors, landlords, and college registrar offices, it is because of your generosity that our work is possible. 


To share the words of some of the students we help:

   “Tears of joy are running down my face, thank you so much.”

   “I can’t believe that people I don’t even know are willing to help me.  I cannot express my thanks enough.”


The students we help are extremely brave and determined to earn their college degree even while facing the unjust hardships they have incurred through no fault of their own.  We are proud to support them.


With Love and Gratitude,